1. hya-chan-art:

    Tutorial! Click on each image for a step-by-step description, or look below.

    Step 1. Get some copics (Superlight base, medium dark, pretty dark, and colorless blender is what I’m using here.)
    Step 2. Coat the area up with the lightest color. Be ready to do the next step before this dries!
    Step 3. Now this is a trick every copic user should know about. It will ruin your colorless blender, and you’ll have to buy new nibs and refills, but it’s so worth it. You take your darkest color and your colorless blender, and press the colorless blender against the darkest color. The colorless blender will then pick up that color, and you will be able to blend with the blender at the same time as you put down a lighter variation of the dark color you picked up. A warning is that the color fades quickly, and will be quite strong in the beginning, to fade rapidly. This can be an effect you want, though. Just see how it looks in step 4!
    Step 4. Before the last step dries, hurry up and fill in with the medium dark! Blend the previous color nicely. See what patterns I make to make it look like droplets? I keep out of the corners and I go for swirly, round patterns. Like, you know, water.
    Step 5. Now top with another layer of the lightest color. Just on top of everything, including corners. Make sure you do this INSTANTLY after the last step. Step 3-5 should be done before anything has a chance to dry up, so you will get the right blending on it all.
    Step 6. Get a gel-pen, like the ones you use in dark greeting cards or whatever. Or some other kind of white coverup-fluid. As long as it’s white and covers up your colors, you’re set to go. Tipex is not recommended, it dries too quickly. Anyways, just put it on there, firstly in the corner (close to the black line) that faces the light. Then in the middle, make some spots (especially at the opposite of that line) and some swirly lines.
    Step 7. Draw the rest of the girl and you’re DONE! I really recommend you to practice on another paper first, that’s what I did. Filled up pretty much a whole paper when just trying to figure out this method.

    Protip: My first two base colors are in an aqua blue, but the last one is more of a sky blue. It makes a nice combination when you don’t only have colors in the same color warmth, but combine cooler and warmer colors together. I even put in some purple (just very slightly) afterwards in the darkest parts, to cool it down even more - because I wanted contrast from the hair.

    Good luck! Reblog & share if you find this useful!